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Strange Guy Goes Mental
I think this guy is some politician or council leader, but he goes mental about something on camera.
Death Metal Bowser's Castle Theme
"If you can't handle this, then you shouldn't be inside a kidnapper dinosaurs death castle."



New Super Mario Bros Skills
"The girl from the mario proposal video left her fiance for this guy. He's that good."



Hardly Working: Metaphorical Preacher
"Let he who is without lunch cast the first stone."

Uploaded by CH Staff


Amazing Tauntaun Costume
"Later, he cut it open and took a nap inside."



On Top of the Burj Dubai (World's New Tallest Building)
"Jump! Juuuuump!"



Hanging Up the Phone Like a Man
"I've got a long way to go. I still can't hang up the phone without crying."



The Crucial Man: Cooking
"Jon tries to defend his turkey balls."

Uploaded by CH Staff


Drunkest Guy Ever: Videogame Remix
"Maybe these intergalactic bullies wouldn't have a problem with him if he wasn't so drunk all the time."



Crazy Ninja Girl
"I haven't been this scared of a little girl since Hannah Montana turned out to be Miley Cyrus."



A View from the World's Tallest Tower
whoa! A view from the Burj Dubai, 818 m (2,684 ft) up in the sky. And the tower wobbles.
Moving on a Budget
This Norwegian family decided to go without the cost and hassle of a moving truck, they just stacked everything they own on their trusty station wagon and drove off to their new home!
Policeman vs Kitty
While the police officer writes a driver a ticket a cat comes out of nowhere to make friends with the officer!
You're Going the Wrong Way!
Somewhere on a Polish highway a driver slowly makes his way through oncoming traffic, and apparently made it to the next exit. eek.
117 Sneezes In a Minute
"She must be hoping someone with an even more unfortunate illness doesn't come along and break her record."



Excited Cup Stacking Girl
"Now maybe her parents will love her."



Jake and Amir: Miami Pt. 5 (Bang Bros HQ)
"Payback's a really, really hot bitch."

Uploaded by Jake and Amir


Quality Jump
Here's a very stylish jump indeed.
Nickelback is no Raffi, I'll tell you that much

Ultra Slow
Here are some ultra slow clips that look really cool.
Cats don't care either way
Books for tall people - I'd love to read about horror pets too.
Bacon mug - The proper way to enjoy a beer.
Hungry? - Black mushrooms should be put in jail for that.
T-rex vs. Christian fish - That guy must love key scratches on his car.
Science project - Cats don't care either way.
Mini stereo - Carry it everywhere, in one hand!
Adopt Jasmine - She simply wants to be the queen of her castle.
The FAP control panel - Enter 89490 to start fapping immediately.
WTF comic of the year - Signor Marmaduke! Whatta you doin' in OH GOD MY HANDS!
UFO sighting - Looks pretty real.
Ancient warrior - He's a man known for slaying cheetah bare-handed.
Love and peace bar - Life's a bitch but I love her.

Girl Murders National Anthem
"Barack Obama saw this and promptly deployed the Coast Guard for disaster relief."



Little Girl Stuffed Animal Dog Show Fail
"No stuffed animals were harmed in the making of this video, only living human beings."



Big Rally Crashes
A nice long video some quite big rally crashes.
Dog Chases Uncatchable Treat
"All they had to do was tie the treat to his tail and starve him for 3 days."



Painful Seesaw Flip
"If only this tragedy could have been prevented in some way that didn't involve using seesaws only in the manner they were intended."



Jake and Amir: Miami Pt. 4 (The Crash)
"Is it still a car accident, when it happens on purpose?"

Uploaded by Jake and Amir


Coffee Magic Trick
You might have seen street magicians do this coffee-cup-coin trick, and now here's how they do it!
Lotus Elise in a Race
Good ol' Bathurst. Driver Dean Evans manoeuvres his way from the back of the pack to the front of the race. Nicely done.
Balloon Bass and Box
How about that, a bass sound from 2 balloons. Quite nifty. Add a box for some beats and you've got something!
Tornado in a Bubble
A mini tornado is introduced into a regular soap bubble.

Reporter Air Harassed
A female reporter is trying to do her job while some idiot kid makes his feelings towards her known quite clearly in the background.
Crushed Hand
Here's a hidden camera prank using a car boot and a fake hand!
Baby Elk Plays in the Water
A baby Elk takes a moment out of it's day to enjoy a good splash in the water. Now back to hiding from hunters!
Drunk Idiot at a Wedding
A drunk woman goes wild dancing and almost starts pole dancing with the post holding up the marquee. Well, we all know what hapens next!
Boxing Accident
The ref takes a big hit in the face.
Sexual Harassment And You
Here are a few simple rules for avoiding a sexual harassment case at work.
Mr. McFail
Picture of a TV newscast outline possible suspects in a drug case, and one of the suspects is named McFail.
Flying Men
This looks like so much fun, but at the same time it looks slightly dangerous!
10 Pin Bowling
I bet you can't guess what happens next! I wonder if this guy was banned from bowling for life.
Be careful, don't start the infinite loop
Funky fashion - "Men and teenage boys love to fashionable too!"
Yo! - God bless you, Mr. Thief!
Boneless chicken dinner - A recession proof meal the whole family can enjoy.
Saddest toy store ever - Sheer and utter violence, gore and brutality...
This woman - She knows you very well.
Google Wave - How it really works.
69? - Fine by me.
Give-A-Shitsville - I used to live there.
Super-hero changing station - Real heroes change clothes in public!
Joke breasts - WTF? How is that a joke?
Be careful - Don't start the infinite loop.
Yeah, right - Like anybody would believe that.

Sleeping with sausages
Tastes like fame - Perfect Facebook profile picture.
Dead dove - Not tasty. Don't eat it.
Wait... What? - $4 for $12, get $3 coupon.
Nice design - Reaching for the good stuff.
Filthy sandwich - I dunno... It doesn't look all that bad.
Sleeping with sausages - She just loves meat.
Fashion blasphemy - My eyes hurt now.
Looking for a job? - Inquire within.
Stockholm - As shown by real-life Google Images.
Drop out today - Education is for losers.
Prayer booth - Supports all major brands.
Touch the magic - Role play is the answer.

Did you know that pandas are terrible at everything?
Nothing really matress - is all we need, everything I give you, all comes back to meeeee!
Slouch trousers for men - Australian designer sells these for $117.00 (complimented by a pair of hideous Oxford shoes).
Oxygo gym ad - Long time, no see?
Swine flu - So very overhyped.
MMORPG - I can stop whenever I want. Really.
Beaver cleaners - Too bad they're closed, I've got few dirty beavers.
Sorry, we have no mints, but have a condom instead - Democrat and republican sizes: one curves to the left, the other to the right.
Little known animal facts - Did you know that pandas are terrible at everything?
In God we trust - All others pay cash.
Shut up - We know you're faking.
Time for a workout - I have a beer holder on mine too.
How to make your own French flag - All you need is a stick and white sheet.

Fork Lift Accident
When driving a fork lift even a slight accident can have huge consequences, especially in a warehouse full of liquor.
This looks shopped!
What's on his mind? - Looks like he's thinking about rockets.
This looks shopped - I can tell by the fact that you and I are dinosaurs.
Not for sale - Danmn, it was just what I was looking for!
Be nice to the weird kid - One day he might become famous...
That's easy - The answer is 10.
Prevent swine flu - Do exactly as shown in this picture.
Learning is fun - some. To others - not so much.
Very talented guy - Can you do this?
Get a free ride - If you shoplift at this store.
Golf GTI bag - Almost feels like the real thing.
Don't try this at home - He's doing it totally wrong.
Awesome breakup letter - Sweet and simple. I like it!

Phat Phuc Noodle Bar
Picture of a sign for a Noodle Bar restaurant with the clever title of Phat Phuc.
The internet: all this and more
Unfortunate Nike ad placement - ...human body parts can remain intact in water for years when protected by shoes or sturdy clothing...
Human chair - I guess he's single now. She dumped him because he was too nice.
All this and more - ISP's ad in the local paper, featuring lolcats.
Schoolgirl puppy costume - Oh, this is so wrong...
Butt solicitors - Crime fighters from England.
Morning wood park - A perfect date place.
Homer Simpson - Best Halloween costume, 2009.
#1 bad ass - Turns out Darth Vader has a sense of humor...
Recession survival tip - Call yourself an artist.
Europe - We're all beautiful, thin, and intelligent.
Decision - easy.
Noooo! - Let my people go!

Trick or Treater Prank
A dummy in a creepy Halloween costume is placed at random doors, causing a lot of confusion for those handing out candy.
Has anyone seen Kyle?
Jesus baseball bats - Self defence for christians.
Nerd face map - Mmmm.... Chinballs...
Trojan condoms - Product placement is everything.
Peugeot art - Shouldn't it be running away? It's French after all...
Car alarm - Must STFU.
Photoshop disaster - Two regular guys and three midgets having a good time.
Debt - This Chinese kid is richer than you.
Has anyone seen Kyle? - He's about this tall.
Fashion 2010 - Undercap + handerpants.
Ignore Halloween - Pumpkin worshiping summons demons.
A message from God - These people are cool. No need to visit.
Giant turd - Welcomes kids with open arms.

Bad Wii Demonstration
A guy for the home shopping channel is demonstrating how a Wii works and of course it doesn't work out as planned.
Shopping Cart Ride
They probably thought riding in a shopping cart would be more fun than this and less painful for their faces.
So ronery...
I thought... - You know I love corn.
God, the comic - The most awesome comic book cover ever.
Stay tuned - Radio 1 ad.
My next door neighbor wants to ban all guns - Their house is not armed. I respect their opinion and promise not to use my guns to help protect them.
Time Magazine June 24, 1974 vs. April 3, 2006 - In 70's all the scientists were telling everyone the next ice age was coming, and everyone believed them... and guess what happened?
Come to the table - Eat some more cake.
So ronery - This picture breaks my heart in pieces.
Build your own dinosaur - See it, map it out, build it.
Giuliano Stroe - 5-year-old bodybuilder from Italy. He has been training since the age of two.
Satan sucks - But does he do anything else?
Real-life Windows installation - I love that paper clip. He used to be one of my best friends.
Not your regular mayor - Stu Rasmussen - the nation's first openly transgender mayor.

Sausage flowers: perfect choice for the first date
Sausage flowers - Perfect choice for the first date.
Whole stuffed camel - A traditional Bedouin wedding dish.
Hand job - The grand opening.
Free magic wands - Does nothing. But hey, they're free!
Very lucky truck driver - So... How did he get out?
Free t-shirts - ...are not always free.
Fashion criminals - They're all from the same gang.
State park - I took my girl here.
Republican chicks - Holding up some witty posters.
Art is everywhere - Especially in public toilets.
Finally! - Some real use for an Apple laptop!
Dishes - Real-life motivational poster.

Party Gorilla
Picture of a sign advertising a gorilla that can play the saxophone and make balloon animals at your next party.
Drunk Guy Wants More Beer
Some guy is absolutely trashed out of his mind but still wants more beer, leading to one of the most hilarious failed beer runs of all time.
Don't believe everything you see on Facebook
Breakfast for champions - All the valuable nutrition you need.
Face the facts! - Reach for Lucky.
Predator granny - Stalking her prey 24/7.
This door is alarmed - But what startled it?
Lingerie soda design - Created by Russian designer Ramm ND.
CSI - That, my friends, is modern computer technology at its best.
Shitty design - That necklace looks like crap.
Nerdy girls - She's way out of your league and she knows it.
Mirror under repair - Do not damage it even more by using it.
Blood bag candy - Edible blood? Finally!
Corn maze for blondes - One stalk is plenty to keep them occupied.
Photoshop fail - Don't believe everything you see on Facebook.

Double Bicycle Kick Goal
How can you top a bicycle kick for a goal in soccer? Two bicycle kicks combined for the same goal, of course.
Blockbuster Sign Prank
Picture of a Blockbuster store where the marquee above has been altered to display an obscene message instead of the latest rentals.
Gay Dog Found
Picture of a sign featuring a lost male dog that was recovered and apparently he likes to hump other male dogs.
Chuck Norris Dent
Picture of a car door that was dented in an accident so instead of getting it fixed the owner used a little creativity.
Frisky Yoga Instructor
Picture of a yoga instructor who is apparently helping his subjects with a pose... or he's just a complete pervert.
Strange Dog Biting Incident
A strange incident in which a woman's dog bites some guy at a park, then she goes off about how it's okay because the dog always bites her vagina.
The Computer Doctors
Picture of a sign for a computer technician store called The Computer Doctors and the logo features a mouse that looks like something else entirely.
Cross Country Snowboarding
A spoof style video talking about the new sport of Cross Country Snowboarding, which can be best described as Phlat!
Bud Light: In the Can
A funny commercial for Bud Light Lime in which a bunch of people discovered that they like to take it in the can.
Genitals Fire
A newspaper story about a patient who had an untimely passing of gas during surgery that led to disastrous results.
Girls Fall Off Truck
There's only one way to figure out how many girls you can fit in the back of your truck, which may lead to a few bruises.
Full Ho Chinese
Picture of a Chinese restaurant with the oddly creative name of Full Ho Chinese Food.
Parrot Humps Photographer
Who can say they've had a rare parrot attempt to mate with the back of their head? Probably just this photographer.
Mini Katy Perry
Picture of singer Katy Perry standing next to a little person dressed up to look like a smaller version of her.
Pork Lovers Billboard
Picture of a billboard promoting pork in a very odd way, with a strange innuendo about how you should pork the one you love.
Ride the S.L.U.T.
Picture of a sign encouraging people to ride the SLUT, also known as the South Lake Union Trolley.
Professor Wikipedia
"The funniest video of the year. [Citation needed.]"

Uploaded by CH Staff


Cheerleader Soccer Hit
"That's what you get for cheering for "football.""



Halloween Prank Backfires
Opening A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew
Now That Is Talent
Should Have Used The Parking Break
Lesson Learned I Hope
Sick World Series Memory
So Wrong
Insane Backpack Commercial
This Japanese Backpack Commercial Is Employing A Strange New Tactic Never Seen Before In Advertising: Hot Women Dancing Around.
Crazy Sprinkler Rainbows
What Is Going On?
Cat Boxing
Tiny Forklift Mishap
Just A Small Little Thing That Happened When This Dude Drove His Forklift Into The Factory Shelving
Honest Mobile Home Commercial
Go Ahead, Watch This Or Dont, It Wont Hurt His Feelings
Keanu Reeves Is Immortal
Sick Mother Groom Dance
Something Is Wrong With This Guy
Mambo Dog
Doggy Skateboard Fail
Poor Little Guy
Christopher Walken Performs Lady Gagas poker Face
Trick Or Treat Prank
Another Year, Another Fake Trick Or Treater

The Puberty Land
Racism Caused by Cheese

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Rocky Vs. Aleksey Vayner
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