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Home > Jokes > Redneck > Whorehouse

There was 3 rednecks in New York City. One day while sight
seeing they ran upon a whorehouse. Excited, they entered the
whorehouse like kids entering a toy store.

The first redneck had $5.00, the second redneck had $10.00,
and the third redneck had $15.00.

The first redneck approached the lady behind the desk and
said " I got $5.00!

What do I get for $5.00?"

The lady spoke over the intercom and said "Ginger-- take
this getleman upstairs and give him $5.00 worth!"

The first redneck came back downstairs grinning from ear to

The oter two rednecks said "Man, what did you get for

The first redneck explained that she took it out of his
pants she put whipped cream all over it, then licked it all

This exited the 2nd redneck and he quickly approached the
lady at the desk. He said "Okay, I have $10.00!What do I get
for $10.00?"

The lady spoke over the intercom and said" Tasha, take this
gentleman upstairs and give him $10.00 worth!"

The 2nd redneck came downstairs, grinning from ear to ear,
as if he was on Cloud Nine.

The other two rednecks met him and asked" Man, what did you
get for $10.00?"

The 2nd redneck explained she took it out of his pants, put
whipped cream on it, nuts and chocolate topping and she
licked it all off.

This excited the 3rd redneck, so he nervously approached the
lady at the desk and said, "I have $15.00. What can I get
for $15.00?"

The lady turned on the intercom again and said" Melissa,
take this gentleman upstairs and give him $15.00 worth!"

The 3rd redneck came downstairs with a huge frown on his
face, and on the brink of tears.

Curious, the other 2 rednecks asked, "Man, why are you so
sad. What could've went wrong? You had $15.00?"

The 3rd redneck said, "Boys, she took it out of my pants,
put whipped cream all over it. Then she put strawberries,
pinapple topping, chocolate syrup,nuts and a big cherry on
top! It looked so good I ate it myself."
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