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One day, whilst on a tour in America, the Pope was
travelling along an interstate highway in a long, black
limousine driven by his regular chauffeur. For security
reasons, the Pope's limousine had moved away from the main
escort and travelled far back from the other vehicles.

Whilst riding along, the Pope, bored and tired due to the
long journey, leant forward from his seat and tapped on the
glass separating him from his driver. His chauffeur wound
down the glass and the Pope asked him if he perform a small
favour - to let him drive the limousine for a short while, as
he had never driven in his life before.

At first the driver would not agree, and argued with the
Pope. Eventually, however, he gave in to the Pope's demand
and reluctantly pulled the vehicle over to the side of the
road and got out and swapped places with the Pope.

After a brief explanation from his chauffeur as to how the
vehicle operated, the Pope started the engine, revved a few
times and sped off down the highway at an extreme speed, his
foot firmly on the accelerator. He quickly passed a billboard
concealing a police car, which pulled out and turned its
sirens on.

The Pope's chauffeur, now terrified that he would find
himself in serious trouble for agreeing to the Pope's idea,
speedily explained to the Pope that he should pull over to
the side of the road. He did so, and the police car stopped
shortly behind.

A small and chubby police officer stepped out of his vehicle
and walked over to the limousine and tapped on the front
window. The electric window slid down silently and the
officer peered in. He almost jumped out of his skin. He ran
back to his car and switched on his police radio and asked to
speak to the chief officer.

"What is it, Johnson?" crackled a voice over the radio.

"Sir, I've just pulled a someone over for speeding, and
well, it's a very important person. I'm not sure what to do
about it," replied the officer.

"What, it's a VIP?" asked the chief.

"Yes, Sir, it's..."

"It's not the mayor again is it?"

"No, more important than that!"

"Hmm..." The chief paused. "It's not the district
commissioner is it?"

"No, much more important than that!" replied the officer.

"It's... It's not the president, is it?!"

"No, more important than that!!"

"Damn it, Johnson, who the hell is it?!"

"I don't know, but he's got the Pope as a chauffeur!"
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